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Our Story
The Apollo-Team
The Apollo-Team consists of around 30 computer enthusiastic volunteer professionals around the globe. We all share the love and passion for the 68k processor and Amiga computers. The Team works for the past fifteen years to revive Amiga under the direction of Gunnar von Boehn.
Apollo Team receiving the Amiga Community Award 2019
Our team operates online almost 24/7 - as much as we can. We work together, with each member using their resources, skills and time to help in our goals. We have professionals who have very deep hardware background.

We also have experts who work more on the software side. Since we develop many products, we need to test things a lot - this is very important part and we have team members who are excellent at testing to find the bugs. Our team embraces a whole range of skills. from musicians, graphics artist, to coders and playtesters. Thomas was already working on recreating the long lost Amiga chipset back then. Not only that but his recreated chipset was far along and worked quite well.
We are powered by our shared goal to continue where Commodore has stopped and bring our favourite computer back with help of amazing Amiga community!