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Is this Amiga?
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What we love about Amiga
The fall of Commodore and the death spiral of the Amiga has never fully extinguished the passion we had for this machine.

We love Amiga and adore its technical beauty. When we consider the case of the Amiga, there are three compelling aspects that we especially cherish.
  • The use of the 680x0 processor as the main CPU, an easy and fun-to-code device.
  • The concept and execution of legacy chipset design.
  • Lastly, the notion of a streamlined and efficient AmigaOS.
Ultimately, the logic behind this truely unique chipset is what we came to love!
Chipset = DMA Design
The Amiga chipset is truely very special and only the Amiga has it.

It gives Amiga some special abilities. The core idea is DMA.

DMA means direct memory access. Chips inside Amiga can directly talk to the memory and can do jobs on their own. In other designs of that era, in the PC for example, the CPU has to push data from the memory to the audio chip to give out music. In Amiga the design is very different to that of a PC, pushing data around by hand - Amiga 68k CPU acts like a swift conductor rather than an overburdened mule.

The Amiga allows you to do a lot of things with very little resources. The 68k CPU is wonderfully flexible. It's so human readable, that it's really nice to code. And the AmigaOS is very slim and efficient. The OS does not control you. You have full freedom to do what you want. V4+ introduces 4th generation chipset, bringing the DMA design to the next level.