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Created For Codes

Our Mission
Created for Coders
The goal of the 680x0 was to develop an easy to program coder-friendly CPU.

The 680x0 is so easy to code because it does a lot of work to help you out. We can compare 680x0 to a car that is easy to drive and has many driver assistance features like automatic transmission, ABS, ESP, and Tesla autopilot.

A non-coder-friendly CPU makes coding harder, and you lose track of functions. That increases the risk of coding errors. It is much easier to make a stable program on 680x0 than other architectures.
Easy Coding
We truly believe that coding for the 68k is very easy, especially that 68k assembly is really easy to learn.

And most people just need probably a helping hand or a guidance and a few examples to get started. And then it is pretty easy. In our opinion to learn 68k ASM is much easier than other CPUs. To us, the fun of coding on the Amiga was very high. And this was mainly because the excellent CPU.

We not only provide the best CPU for coding, but also the 4th generation chipset called SuperAGA.

AGA was a stopgap solution that was rushed into production. Also had a problem that was starting to become an issue with games: it addressed each of its pixels using planar, rather than chunky, color modes. SuperAGA fixes that mistake.
Less Complex
SuperAGA is designed to make Amiga more powerful and at the same time easier to code.

Coding for V4 is a lot less complex than coding for an old Amiga!

Now you have the machine that empowers the coder to write cool stuff and you can focus on solving problems, yet the code is still clean and readable. You can go away for a holiday, come back and still understand what you wrote. We truly believe that the 68k architecture was unique in this regard. It gave so much clarity to the coder! It really made it so much fun and rewarding to code for.