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Legacy Support
ApolloBoot Family
ApolloBoot ZERO R9.1
• Bare-metal installation for Amiga0s 3.2.x (V2+V4)
ApolloBoot SOLO R9.1
• Solo OS solution for Amiga OS 3.x (V2+V4)
ApolloBoot TRIO R9.1
• The Trio OS solution for ApolloOS, Coffin & Amiga OS 3.2.2 (V4)
ApolloBoot OMNI R9.1
• The Omni OS solution for the 10 most popular Operating systems(V4)
ApolloOS R9.3
Coffin* R62
AmiKit-XE 11.4.2
AmigaOS 1.33 - 3.1 - 3.9 - - 3.2.2
* Please note: Apollo is not affiliated with or in a relationship with the Coffin OS/EmuTOS.
We cannot and will not provide the Coffin OS/EmuTOS sofware or take responsibility for any issues that arise from the installation or use thereof
ApolloBoot ZERO datasheet
Bare-metal installation for Amiga0s 3.2.x
• Native floppy based (ADF) installation from original Amiga0S 3.2 CD-Rom (ISO).
• Real “Retro” Amiga feeling of a 100% clean and original personal installation.
• Bare metal setup with built-in option for installing ApolloSAGA drivers.
• Suitable for all users with basic Amiga experience:
• 1. Clone ApolloBoot ZERO image to CF-Card (100Mb or larger)
• 2. Clone AmigaOS3.2CD.iso image to SD-Card (100Mb or larger)
• 3. Insert CF-Card and SD-Card in Apollo V4 Device
• 4. Start your Amiga0S 3.2 private party!

OS V2/V4
ApolloBoot Solo datasheet
Easy installation for AmigaOS 3.1, 3.9, and 3.2.2
• Quick & easy "hansoff" single OS installer for AmigoOS on Apollo V4 & V2 series.
• Optimised drivers, settings & tools for running your favourite AmigaOS.
• Apollo SAGA & AHI support with 16-bit stereo Arne & Picasso96 Driver Pack.
• Peter Keunecke icon.library & Henryk Richter JFIF & MUI 5.0 Update.
• WHDLoad containers & iGame repository & DiskImage GUI (ADF, ISO, HDF, ...).
• MiamiDX TCP/IP stack (full) or Roadshow & iBrowse (both demo or full versions*).
• Flexible configuration with full portability between V4, V2 and UAE.
• One-time usage with full self-destruct to leave no footprint after install (Clean Install).

* with a valid product key
OS V2/V4
ApolloBoot Trio datasheet
TRIO OS solution for ApolloOS R9.3, Coffin R62 & AmigaOS 3.2.2
• Top-3. ApolloOS R9.3, Coffin R62 & Amiga OS 3.2.2 all together on a single CF.
• Easy and quick installation with Turbo-Install on UAE.
• All OS-es are pre-configured and fine tuned for use on Apollo V4 devices.
• ApolloBoot TRIO handles dynamic switch between OS-es*.
• ApolloBoot TRIO handles dynamic switch between V4 devices (mobility feature).
• Use SHARED content partitions like 'Archives:' and 'Personal:' accross
all three operating systems.
• Bootable 'TinyLauncher' for optimal WHDLoad Games & Demos compatibility.

*no powercycle or CF switch
ApolloBoot Omni datasheet
Multi-boot OS Solution for all popular 68K Operating Systems for Apollo V4
• Run up to TEN different OS distro's from ONE single CF-Card.
• Easy Automated installers for all Operating Systems including
graphics, networking & tools.
• Seamless Switching between OS-es without Powercycle
• Shared 'Personal:' and 'Archives:' partitions accessible from all OS-es.
• Integrated 'TinyLauncher' for quick, clean & easy launch of Games & Demos
• Cross-mount all OS-drives into current OS (X-Mount)
• Automated detection and softkick correct Kickstart ROM for each OS
• Tools menu for Harddisk, Back-up, Update, ApolloMap & ApolloFlash