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Vampire badge with white Vampire bat logo in the carbon fiber background
"This CPU that's on the Vampire is the best CPU I've ever had in an Amiga." - Stephen Jones, Director and Developer

Apollo-Computer shop proudly presents

V4+ Standalone V500 II +

New CPU Accelerator for A500/A1000/A2000

Vampire V500 II + (rev. 2.3)

  • CPU: Apollo 68080 AMMX with 64-bit support
  • Memory: 128 MB FastRAM
  • Video: RTG, Truecolor 32-bit, 1280x720@60Hz
  • FastIDE/CompactFlash controller up to 14 MB/sec
  • Digital Audio/Video out
  • microSD card port (for data exchange)


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*A1000/A2000 may require third-party accessories



Your ultimate
processor expansion

Powered by the Apollo Core 68080 which is a code compatible Motorola 68k processor, it is up to four times faster than the fastest 68060.

It also brings your Amiga to next-gen level by bringing you digital video with millions of colours, Ethernet module connector and high-speed IDE port

Thanks to AMMX, the V500 at 80 mhz achieves performance close to the PowerPC G3 at 600 MHz.

V500 features FPU which allows you to play games like Quake on your A500.



Vampire 500 in
the Amiga 1000/2000

The Vampire 500 II + can be plugged into the on-board 68k CPU socket of the Amiga 2000. Again, the old 68000 CPU must be removed from this socket before plugging in the Vampire 500.

Vampire 500 works perfectly in the Amiga 1000/2000 if the installation is done correctly.

On both the Amiga 500 and the Amiga 2000, the V500 can be physically plugged into the 68k CPU socket in only one way. By design plugging it in upside down is physically impossible.




Vampire V500 II + is equipped with the 68080. It is a new CPU you can code as easy as any previous Motorola 68k processor.


This new CPU is the most compatible processor with the whole Motorola 68000 family range and improves them with new unique features.


All tests show that 68080 is much faster than 68060 200Mhz - scores are all confirmed by SysInfo, SysSpeed and AIBB benchmarking tools.


Thanks to AMMX, the 68080 at 80 mhz achieves performance close to the PowerPC G3 at 600 MHz.

SysInfo reports top-speed of 149 MIPS on V500!



Truecolor in V500

We are developing the fourth-generation Amiga chipset. Its reduced version is secretly implemented in V2 accelerator series.

Chipset revision in V500 currently consists of two new chips:

  • Isabel (upgraded Lisa video chip)

  • Anni (improved Alice DMA chip)

Chipset in V2 supports new Chunky Mode.

We integrated RTG API into the chipset, so it's the same as if you code the chipset directly. We wanted to keep the feeling and coding the same as on your favourite computer from the '80s.

V500 provides you with the fastest RTG graphics card performance. It leaves all previous generation of graphics cards behind.




Your new Amiga-compatible offers you extraordinary space and speed, way more that Commodore did. We push the technology forward and make a big leap into the future of our platform.

V500 improves A600/1200 Gayle IDE. It reaches up to 14 MB/s CompactFlash IDE speed for PIO5 device.

Additional microSD slot works with all filesystems supported (FFS, SFS, PFS, FAT32, ext2/ext3).

That extra slot works with most MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards, up to Speed Class 10.



Ethernet Module Connector

With extra Ethernet module you can surf the Web on Vampire 500 II +.

You can connect ENC28J60 Ethernet Module to V500 and enjoy great Internet connectivity.

On Vampire 500 board this is possible using dedicated Ethernet Module Connector and flat ribbon cable (female-to-female).

On V500 board revisions earlier than 2.2 this is still possible using I/O Expansion socket and Dupont jumper wires (male-to-female) using GOLD2.9 and higher only.



Vampire 500 II + internal ports:



*** Important information: ***


- Some adapters might allow the user to plug in the card “rotated” which is wrong!
  Please understand that this wrong connection of the card  will result in short circuits - probably destroying the Vampire and the Amiga.

- There are some 3rd-party adapters on the market (e.g. Kipper2K's) that does not meet our safety guidelines and can damage both your V500 and your Amiga.

- Please be aware that problems caused by Amiga 2000 CPU slot adapters are not covered under warranty.

- A500 installation info: for proper connectivity Kickstart chip might need to be removed (so that both CPU and Kickstart slot are empty)

- On V500 board revisions earlier than 2.2 it is still possible to connect Ethernet module using I/O Expansion socket and Dupont jumper wires (male-to-female) using GOLD2.9 and higher only. Do NOT use it on earlier cores because of pinout differences.

  IDE 44-pin: Please note, there is power on the IDE-44 port. Wrong placement on this plug can destroy the device. More info >>

* V500 core is currently in developmental stage. Features are subject to change and might come and go. 

a) Performance is application-dependent. See Benchmarks >>

b) Functionality varies between different TV/monitor models. Please make sure the display is able to show V500 modes first.

c) Speed boost depends on the device PIO mode support.



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