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"A big thank you to everyone involved in giving us Amiga games and software.
Something I never thought would happen in 2021. Only Apollo Vampire makes it possible." - Chris, V4 Standalone owner

Software using AMMX acceleration

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Jake & Peppy


Jake & Peppy is a brand new action-RPG-shooter for the new Amiga-compatible Vampire Standalone V4 from Apollo-Computer!

Take control of your ship and free the universe from the Evil Ancientís, who in their madness have corrupted the peaceful inhabitants of the galaxy. This alpha preview enables you to test your skills and provide feedback back to the developers.



Sonic The Hedgehog

Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the mad scientist, is snatching innocent animals and turning them into evil robots!

Only one tough dude can put an end to the demented scientist's fiendish scheme. It's Sonic, the real cool hedgehog, with the spiked haircut and power sneakers that give him super speed!




Set in the kingdom of Khanduras that is located in the world of Sanctuary, Diablo has the player take control of a lone hero or heroine starting outside of their house in town as they set out on a journey to rid the town of Tristram of the titular Lord of Terror, and his horde of demon minions lurking in the shadows underground beneath the Cathedral at the very edge of town.



RiVa Video Player

The fastest 68k MPEG player available on the Amiga platform. It is based on the work of Stephen Fellner and features AMMX support, exclusive to Apollo Core.

RiVA served as the prominent testcase in the development cycle of the Apollo Core AMMX instruction extension set.




Milky Tracker

The MilkyTracker Vamped Edition is based on the outstanding MilkyTracker music production software and has been extended by members of the demogroup Titan and the AmigaDev team.

This edition contains useful additions and changes to support the Amiga platform fast and natively using Vampire's 16-bit audio.




GnGeo is a powerful NeoGeo emulation package optimized for Vampires. The latest release offer audio improvements and AMMX acceleration optimization.

Neo Geo video game systems were released by SNK in '90s. The brand became well-known for top-performance specs and high-quality titles.




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