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Just look how many good, retro games can run on the V4

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Selected titles that work on the V4

Hundreds of vintage games can run on the V4 (refresh to see more)

Armour Geddon 2

The year is 2083, and the planet is up to its stratosphere in trouble. Some 70 years previous the forces of EDEN (Earth Defence Network) and the radiation ravaged surface dwellers had pushed mankind within inches of total annihilation.

Armour-geddon 2 uses a polygon-based 3D environment to create the world of EDEN. It also boasts an extremely swift 3D engine, which updates itself with remarkably little judder. Armour-geddon 2 is a very slick title and has an appealing look to it. From the moment the introduction kicks in, the game convinces you that it's been worth the money.

(Amiga Computing 8/94)


You play the part of Ben E Factor (Benefactor), ex-marine, who now devotes his life to helping people, and you've intercepted the captured Merry Men's S.O.S. Signal, so off you must go to rescue them and the Rainbow Machine.

Benefactor is full of cunning puzzles, and lovely animations, which makes it one of the best platform-based puzzle games out at the moment.

(CU Amiga 4/95)

Chessmaster 2000

CHESSMASTER 2000 is the best presented chess program I've seen on the Amiga, with large, clear 2D and 3D boards, full use of Intuition, hot-key shortcuts, smooth sprite movement and silence, speech, beeps or bursts of music to accompany your moves.

Chessmaster 2000 is the best presented and the strongest program of the three on trial here. Its only weakness is its endgame. The upgraded Chessmaster 2100, which is presumably even stronger, is due for release any moment.

(Amiga Computing 11/89)

Chrono Quest

The year is 1922, and you return home to the family chateau, with a letter from your missing father. An eminent scientist, he had designed and built himself a time machine, and travelled the world in centuries past. Unfortunately, his unscrupulous servant, Richard, discovered the secret machine, stole the programs for the trip, and now your father fears for his life. His letter begs you to find Richard, for the very fact you are reading it probably means that he is dead, and Richard must be brought to justice for his murder. The time machine will have returned, so you can use it in your quest, following the routes that he took back in time.

Having said that, the adventure itself has an interesting theme, with plenty of variety once you get the time machine moving. And it's BIG - the program comes on three disks, all of which are copyable, with a protection device in the packaging.

(CU Amiga 11/88)


The world's best god game just got even better. Sid Meier's epic history of the human race is now available on the A1200 and looks set to wow you all over again. Civilization enables you control the destiny of one of eight tribes who are lacked in a bitter struggle for power. In the beginning you have only got brute force and the sheer will to survive on your side, but as you explore more and more of the world you discover a whole range of scientific discoveries which enable you to leapfrog your opponents and gain the upper hand. The thing to remember, of course, is that your Amiga-controlled rivals are all trying to do the same to you.

Forget Populous 2, Mega-lo-Mania and all those other pretenders to the crown, the A1200 version of Civilization sets the standard for all god-games. Superb.

(Amiga Format 11/93)


Diggers is a Lemmings-style puzzle game where you command five alien miners (from a choice of four clans) and various gadgets to dig for treasure. The game is divided in excavation areas. Each area has a set amount of money you must raise before moving into the next one. To do so, you must sell your collected treasure to the bank.

Each clan has different characteristics and stats: for example the Grablins clan resembles fantasy dwarfs and has the fastest diggers. The Quarriors clan has the strongest miners, less likely to die in a fight with enemy diggers.


Jungle Strike

If Zeewolf hadn't been released last month, and Jungle Strike wasn't a sequel, it would have found itself with an easier reviewing flight path. Undoubtedly, Jungle Strike is a fine game which continues in the tradition of Desert Strike (AF46 87%) pretty - though not beautiful - graphics, engaging strategies and top boom boom explosions.

The bottom line though, is that Jungle Strike is an incredibly good game. If the user interface had been friendlier, it would have earner a Format Gold.

(Amiga Format 1/95)


Originality. A word that doesn't get used very much when describing the state of today's computer games. In just one year you might only get a handful of software that could call itself original. Apart from a selected few, almost every game that is currently sitting on the shop shelves can be instantly compared to another product.

Overkill has great graphics, excellent sounds, a wealth of playability and a copious amount of addiction. What more do you want from a piece of computer software? A highly recommended blast form the past updated for the 90s.

(Amiga Computing 12/93)