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Vampire badge with white Vampire bat logo in the carbon fiber background
"But I know that V4 is capable of running games better than any other Amiga platform I've ever seen!" - Donovan, V4+ Standalone owner


   AMIGA HOME SHOOLING with Gunnar "BigGun",
in english, every last Saturday of the month at 8 pm CET

Gunnar von Boehn, head of the Apollo team and
one of the main developers of the 68K CPU (68080),
explains step by step how the Amiga works and
how programming can be done well.
Course goal is that small code examples will
also be created, and the participants
will develop the ability to program small demos
or even games on the V4.

Join the twitch channel for free:


   AMIGA FERNKURS mit Gunnar "BigGun"

Auf vielfachen Wunsch, wiederholt Gunnar ab sofort jeden 2 Samstag im Monat
(also 2 Wochen nach dem englischen Termin) das "home shooling" nochmals in deutscher Sprache. Gunnar von Boehn, Kopf des Apollo-Teams und einer der Hauptentwickler der 68K-CPU (68080), erklärt Schritt für Schrit wie der Amiga funktioniert und wie und warum man damit so gut programmieren kann.
Langfristig sollen auch kleine Codebeispiele entstehen,
und die Teilnehmer sollen die Fähigkeiten entwickeln
Demos oder sogar Spiele auf der V4 zu programmieren.

Release 6 for Vampire Standalone is available

18 April 2021


    We are proud to bring you Apollo Vampire Standalone Release 6, thank you all for your patience.

    Our new “R6” release contains improvements on Vampire V4 Core, ApolloOS, Software and User level. With our new structured Quarterly Release schedule we aim to provide all our Vampire users a clear and steady Roadmap towards more quality, speed, compatibility and most important of all……Amiga Funtime!

    Everybody in the Apollo Team would like to thank all our loyal, enthusiatic and (positive) critical Vampires for helping us by sharing your feedback, ideas and experiences. Together we will revive Amiga….


    • Upgrading your Apollo Vampire V4 has been made very easy by providing a single downloadable “Release6.exe” file to be executed on your V4. It takes less than a minute.
    • Core R6 has improved digital video output compatibility, especially for our beloved USA based Vampires.
    • The Vampire V4 Core R6 has been given an “engine overhaul” with a new Divider Unit and several other AMMX optimizations, resulting in an impressive performance boost.
    • R6 provides a completely rewritten IDE driver, giving you more reliability and a significant performance, which is boosted even further with the new implemented IDE cache.


    • ApolloOS is leaving childhood behind and gradually becomes a mature OS for your Apollo Vampire V4. First the overall stability has been improved, reducing or even eliminating CHK and other errors. Also the performance is improved with smoother user response and screen handling. New dual state icons, colorfull themes, state indicator for network, timesync and autostart with Aweb improve the user experience.
    • In ApolloOS R6 the sagasd.device driver and the FAT-Handler are updated to support write and automount (hot-swap) of your FAT32 formatted SD-Card for easy two-way file-transfer, backup and archiving.
    • For our audio lovers we have AHI 16-bit sound support (Arne) available for HiFi sound playback.
    • Vampire BootLoader R6 will feature full compatibility with the new Core, ApolloOS R6 release, an improved Turbo Install process and support for the V500-V2+. Registered users will receive the update e-mail.


    • ApolloOS collection of compatible Demos has grown, so checkout if your favourite one is in there. The popular Riva player has been improved with PiP and Full-Screen display.
    • In the gaming area we showcase the potential of Apollo Vampire V4 with the alpha preview of the new Jake & Peppy game and the port of our frenzic friend Sonic the Hedgehog.
    • NeoGeo update was moved to the next release.
    • For Atari adepts the EmuTOS is updated to the newest version.


    • For new users on Apollo Vampire V4 and ApolloOS we have created our first edition User Guides.
    • This is the start of a new User-Experience program to improve our communication and relation with you.

    Please go to Download section to download this release, including R6 core for Vampire Standalone V4/V4+, ApolloOS R6 and user guides. Enjoy!

    Apollo Team


Apollo Team Quarterly Release 6 for Vampire Standalone

Full list of completed features in Release 6 for Vampire Standalone


Jake and Peppy Playable Alpha Release

9 April 2021


    QSEC Team is pleased to announce the playable Alpha Preview (v0.7d) of the brand new Vampire V4 game "Jake and Peppy", just in time for the end of Easter!

    For technical support, and feedback, please visit the Vamped Amiga channel on Telegram.

    Future releases will be available from the apollo-computer.com website.

    Note that we are releasing this slightly ahead of the Vampire V4 R6 core release. USB gamepad control requires an R6 beta core or higher, or is completely playable with keyboard on core R5.

    You can download the Alpha Release here.

    We hope you enjoy this teaser release.

    QSEC Team


Apollo Team Quarterly Release 6 for Vampire Standalone

QSEC Team is proud to bring you one of the first original titles for the magnificent Vampire!


ApolloOS R6 includes 16-bit AHI Driver

9 April 2021


    A native 16-bit AHI audio driver for the SuperAGA audio chip ARNE is included in the upcoming ApolloOS Release 6. Special thanks to Juan and Skipp for their work.


Apollo Team Quarterly Release 6 for Vampire Standalone

New rewritten AHI driver for SuperAGA sound chip


SonicVamped (Pre-release)

9 April 2021


    SonicVamped is a port of the 2013 Android version of Sonic The Hedgehog to the 68k Amiga optimised for a Vampire V4 computer (also works on V2 accelerators).

    It features many speed improvements including AMMX, direct SuperAGA draw with triple buffer and direct SuperAGA audio implementation. All of that made it possible to run at stable 60 fps gameplay on the Vampire V4. AMMX assembler optimisations are made by “Quetzal”.

    Hardware requirement is a Vampire Standalone computer or Vampire accelerator with at least Release 6 core which is comming soon.


Apollo Team Quarterly Release 6 for Vampire Standalone

Sonic The Hedgehog for the first time on Amiga!


Quarterly Release 6 for Standalone

12 March 2021


    Apollo Team is proud to share our plans for reviving the Amiga with Vampire.

    Our Roadmap Goals gives direction to the development on a two-year horizon. Our Roadmap Tasks gives insight into current workloads for the Team and helpers. Our Quarterly Releases inform you about the next release of Core, OS, SAGA and VBL.

    We love to hear your ideas, suggestions and all other constructive feedback. Please share your opinion on our Discord server and Apollo Forum. Thank you for your support!

    Apollo Team


Apollo Team Quarterly Release 6 for Vampire Standalone

Quarterly Release 6 explained



Roadmap for the next two years

12 March 2021


    Our Roadmap Goals gives direction to the project development within the incoming two years.

    We have divided our efforts into several tracks to make it easier for you to follow the development.

    Although included in the two-year roadmap, some tasks are already close to the completion and you can expect its regular updates.


Apollo Team Roadmap Goals for Vampire family

This are our main goals for the next two years



Team's detailed roadmap tasks

12 March 2021


    Our Roadmap Tasks gives insight into current workloads for the Team and helpers.

    Each track is expanded into categorized tasks we work on already or plan to work on in the near future.

    As the Team is a small group of volunteers, there are no additional deadlines for these tasks.


Apollo Team Roadmap Tasks for Vampire family

Detailed roadmap tasks categorized