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Vampire badge with white Vampire bat logo in the carbon fiber background
"Getting a Vampire up and running is quite a journey. All in all I enjoyed it. And I love the end result!" - Emufr3ak, V4+ Standalone owner


V4/V4+ Standalone

Latest Vampire 4/4+ Standalone FPGA Core Update-EXE: UPDATE7_3.exe 8MB (2021/10/17)

Alternatively Vampire 4/4+ FPGA JIC file: SA_RELEASE7_3.jic [ 8MB ]

V500 Accelerator

Latest Vampire 500 FPGA Core Update: V500_R214_7987.jic [ 2MB ]


Latest ApolloOS Release 6: Distro ApolloOS_R7-1.img.7z [ 8GB ]

User Manuals

Vampire Bootloader (VBL) Manual: V4BL V2.6 Walkthrough Guide PDF (EN)

New Vampire 4/4+ Standalone User Guide (1st Edition): V4 User Guide PDF (EN)

New ApolloOS User Guide (1st Edition): ApolloOS User Guide PDF (EN)

Developer Information & User Support

Info for developers found at: ApolloTeam-Dev GitHub

ApolloOS Developer Discord channel: #programming


Apollo Forum






Download FTP: Apollo Core

Videos: Ronnie Beck YouTube channel

FullHD Wallpaper


If the latest release does not work stable on your Vampire, revert to the last, working one.

The firmware utility listed above can brick your product if applied incorrectly.

Power failure during flashing can brick your accelerator, you will need to reprogram by an USB Blaster device in the event of a bricking. Please contact us before connecting the USB Blaster!

Apollo Team is not responsible for any loss of data, system failure, or damages arising from the use of this tool.

Please be sure to have a backup of your system and your data.