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All the hardware comes with the latest core/OS!

No need to update immediately.
Check the version of the core and the OS first before downloading to prevent DOWNGRADE.

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ApolloOS Image Download
For the latest ApolloOS images please join our Discord channel.

V4 Standalone

V4 Standalone Core EXE JIC
V4 Standalone Core for Atari JIC
For the latest V4 Standalone cores please join our Discord channel.

Firebird V4 (beta)

Firebird V4 Core JIC
For the latest Firebird V4 cores please join our Discord channel.

V500 / V600 / V1200 V2

V500 V2 Core Coming soon
V500 V2 Core for VBL R6 Coming soon
V600 V2 Core Coming soon
V1200 V2 Core Coming soon
For the latest V2 cores please join our Discord channel.

* All cores are currently in developmental stage. Features are subject to change and might come and go.