AmigaOS / ApolloOS Command Reference

Index of Commands

ADDBUFFERS Instruct the file system to add cache buffers.
ADDDATATYPES Build a list of data types that datatypes.library can understand.
ALIAS Set or display command aliases.
APEEK Read some Register or Memory.
APOKE Write some Register or Memory.
ASK Obtain user input when executing a script file.
ASSIGN Control assignment of logical device names to file system directories.
AUTOPOINT Automatically select any window the pointer is over.
AVAIL Report the amount of CHIP and FAST memory available.
BINDDRIVERS Bind device drivers to hardware.
BLANKER Cause the monitor screen to go blank if no input has been received within a specified period of time.
BREAK Set attention flags in the specified process.
CALCULATOR Provide an on-screen calculator.
CD Set, change, or display the current directory.
CHANGETASKPRI Change the priority of a currently running process.
CLICKTOFRONT Bring a window to the front of the screen.
CLOCK Provide an on-screen clock.
CMD Redirect printer output to a file.
COLORS Change the colors of the frontmost screen.
CONCLIP Move data between the console.device, the clipboard.device and CON:
COPY Copy files or directories.
CPU Set or clear the CPU caches, check for a particular processor, load the ROM image into fast, 32-b...
CROSSDOS Set text filter and conversion options.
DATE Display or set the system date and/or time.
DELETE Delete files or directories.
DIR Display a sorted list of the files in a directory.
DISKCHANGE Inform the Amiga that you have changed a disk in a disk drive.
DISKCOPY Copy the contents of one disk to another.
DISPLAY Display graphics saved in IFF ILBM format.
ECHO Display a string.
ED Edit text files (a screen editor).
EDIT Edit text files by processing the source file sequentially (a line editor).
ELSE Specify an alternative for an IF statement in a script file.
ENDCLI End a Shell process.
ENDIF Terminate an IF block in a script file.
ENDSHELL End a Shell process.
ENDSKIP Terminate a SKIP block in a script file.
EVAL Evaluate simple expressions.
EXCHANGE Monitor and control the Commodity Exchange programs.
EXECUTE Execute a script with optional argument substitution.
FAILAT Instruct a command sequence to fail if a program gives a return code greater than or equal to the given value.
FAULT Print the messages(s) for the specified error code(s).
FILENOTE Attach a comment to a file.
FIXFONTS Update the .font files of the FONTS: directory.
FKEY Assign text to function and shifted function keys.
FONT Specify the fonts used by the system.
FORMAT Format a disk for use with the Amiga.
FOUNTAIN Manage use of Intellifont outline fonts.
GET Get the value of a local variable.
GETENV Get the value of a global variable.
GRAPHICDUMP Print the frontmost screen.
ICONEDIT Edit the appearance and type of icons.
ICONTROL Specify parameters used by the Workbench.
ICONX Allow execution of a script file from an icon.
IF Evaluate conditional operations in script files.
INFO Give information about the file system(s).
INITPRINTER Initialize a printer for print options specified in the Preferences editors.
INPUT Specify different speeds for the mouse and keyboard and to select a national keyboard.
INSTALL Write the boot block to a formatted floppy disk, or credit card, specifying whether it should be bootable.
INTELLIFONT Manage use of Intellifont outline fonts.
IPREFS Communicate Preferences information stored in the individual editor files to the Workbench and Intuition.
JOIN Concatenate two or more files into a new file.
KEYSHOW Display the current Keymap.
LAB Specify a label in a script file.
LIST List specified information about directories and files.
LOADWB Start Workbench.
LOCALE Allow choice of languages available on system.
LOCK Set the write protect status of a device.
MAGTAPE Retension, rewind, or skip forward on SCSI tapes.
MAKEDIR Create a new directory.
MAKELINK Create a link between files.
MEMACS Enable screen-oriented text editing.
MORE Display the contents of an ASCII file.
MOUNT Make a device connected to the system available.
MULTIVIEW Display picture files, text files, AmigaGuide help files, sound files, and animated graphics files.
NEWCLI Start a new Shell process.
NEWSHELL Open a new interactive Shell window.
NOCAPSLOCK Disable the Caps Lock key.
NOFASTMEM Force the Amiga to use only resident Chip RAM.
OVERSCAN Change the sizes of the display areas for text and graphics.
PALETTE Change the colors of the Workbench screen.
PATH Control the directory list that the Shell searches to find commands.
POINTER Change the appearance of the screen pointer.
PRINTER Specify a printer and print options.
PRINTERGFX Specify graphic printing options.
PRINTERPS Control features ofPostScript printers.
PRINTFILES Send file(s) to the printer.
PROMPT Change the prompt string of the current Shell.
PROTECT Change the protection bits of a file.
QUIT Exit from a script file with a specified return code.
RELABEL Change the volume name of a disk.
REMRAD Remove the recoverable ramdrive.device.
RENAME Change the name of a file or directory.
REQUESTCHOICE Allow AmigaDOS and ARexx scripts to use the Intuition EasyRequest() feature.
REQUESTFILE Allow AmigaDOS and ARexx scripts to use the ASL file requester.
RESIDENT Display and modify the list of resident commands.
RUN Execute commands as background processes.
SCREENMODE Select a display mode.
SEARCH Look for the specified text string in the files of the specified directory or directories.
SERIAL Set the specifications for communication through the serial port.
SET Set a local variable.
SETCLOCK Set or read the battery backed-up hardware clock.
SETDATE Change a file or directory's timestamp.
SETENV Set a global variable.
SETFONT Change the Shell font.
SETKEYBOARD Set the keymap for the Shell.
SETPATCH Make ROM patches in system software.
SKIP Skip to a label when executing script files.
SORT Alphabetically sort the lines of a file.
SOUND Control type of sound and sound attributes produced by Amiga.
STACK Display or set the stack size within the current Shell.
STATUS List information about Shell/CLl processes.
TIME Set the system clock.
TYPE Display a text file.
UNALIAS Remove an alias.
UNSET Remove a local variable.
UNSETENV Remove a global variable.
VERSION Find software version and revision numbers.
WAIT Wait for the specified time.
WBPATTERN Create background patterns for the Workbench and windows.
WHICH Search the command path for a particular item.
WHY Print an error message that explains why the previous command failed.